Wats the best tire ???bt56 only tuff 1500milles ,i use my 2003 busy every day (like a cruisser ) but i like to push hard ...but i dont want too put 10 tires a year ....Wats the best tire for me ....thank you
<span style='color:blue'></span>The Hayabusa absolutly eats Tires.  It's sort of a calling card.
I have heard some good things about Avon's new Sport Touring tire, <span style='color:blue'>AV45/46</span>

If you believe the hype they should offer a fair balance between grip and longevity.

Otherwise, you could sell the Busa and Buy a Nice pretty lil Vespa scooter, I hear you can get all kinds of tire wear on them...
You can also run a BT012 in the front with either a Bt10 or BT020 in the back. I've got the Bt012/BT010 combination and I really like it. I've got 2100 miles on the set and the rear tire hasn't squared off yet. I should get 4 to 5k miles which is about as good as you can get unless you really ride easy.
Im now on bt 010s ...seems to do the jobs ..cheaper under rainss,,,but god ...next time il try avon !!!!
I'm not really sure how many miles I put on my Dunlop 208s but it was alot. I kept them from Jan 02 to Aug 02 on one set! I rode them down to the tread. Great dry and wet traction. Never a problem at all. I'm going to tell you they do take alittle getting use to them. When I first started using them I thought I was going to fall in the corners because they corner soooo much easier than the 207s I use to use. One thing that makes them last so long is there is alot of tread down the middle of the tire. I really don't know of a longer lasting tire. Good luck though! And choose well!