Thunderpants wrecked his lightning


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Hey guys and gals, well I highsided the bike when the rear slid on some dirt and then caught and threw me and my girlfriend off the bike. I got some small scrapes but my poor girlfriend got a concussion and a broken toe. She is doing fine and I have been playing nurse for the past couple of days. What a terrible feeling that is. I am pretty sure I am going to keep riding but I don't know if I will let her be a passenger anymore even if she wants to be. Just too scary to think about what could happen to her when she is an innocent bystander.

Here is my question though. There is only cosmetic damage to the bike, the nose cone has some scraps that may be able to be filled. The right fairing is trashed and needs replaced and the front fender has a big scrapes that I dont think can be fixed. I have been looking at different options of what to do.

1. I can try and find some decent replacement parts on ebay that are not perfect but repaintable and get a custom paint job in the winter.

2. I can buy the stock replacement parts prepainted that I just bolt on for around $1000.

3. I can buy a whole body kit for $600 and go with a custom paint job and then sell the tail section and left fairing on ebay to recoup some of the money. I would have to repaint the tank or get a new tank and sell it on ebay.

The bike is a '99 with the Copper/Silver paint job which I am not that fond of and would like to get a custom paint job, not sure on colors yet.
How much is a good paint job if I do all of the prep work on the tank and the new body parts are primered and ready to go?
Is it worth having the nose cone repaired for the scratches or just get a new one?

What do you guys think?
Go for a Carbon Fiber setup, the whole bike!!! That would look AWESOME, and light too. I'm not sure if there is a Full Fairing Set for the Busa or not...

Haha, that would look cool, but I don't think I want to pay that much, but I wouldn't have to paint it :)
Well Thunderpants...I am Really sorry to hear about this. As for putting the Housemouse back on the Busa again that is your decision, just remember that if she really enjoys it and still wants to do it then it would be a shame if she couldn't. She's an adult, and now she REALLY understands the potential harm...Not lecturing and I definatly know where you are coming from. But if she still wants to ride you cannot make yourself responsible for her beyond riding the best you can, if she's into I say go for it.

As for the paint...In a way this is a good time of year to tank it, at least in Colorado, your only missing a couple of good months. If you are planning on keeping the Busa forever and never getting rid of her I would say replace the parts from anything you can find on ebay and then paint the mess out of her...Full Custom with some powdercoated wheels to match...maybe stay away from the typical chrome theme... BUT, if you think you may want to sell her anytime soon I would do what it takes to find proper stock body parts, then buy the aftermarket body kit from like Airtech or someone and have a custom paint job put on that. That way you can allways offer the bike for sale with original AND custom Body...Should help you sell it if it comes up...

My .02
It is a chance to have a custom bike. You could have the paint scheme of your dreams. I say find cheap replacement parts (used or new) and have the whole bike painted the way you want.
First of all I'm glad you and your lady or ok. Any slip, slide, or fall you can walk away from is a good fall. As for painting the busa, buy the $600 set of plastic and paint it the color you want. As for your lady, well there's always a chance either of you can get hurt, if you really care about her BUY HER her own set of riding gear and don't let her ride without it. The busa is a great bike but dress for the ride!
Glad to hear yer both pretty much ok! That's the important thing.

Now, as for the paint/body thing, if you really want a custom paint job I'd get the parts used from eBay or elsewhere and take 'em to the painter for the custom job. If you hadn't planned to do custom paint already and don't care, I'd order new parts pre-painted in a factory color (Do the different year plastics fit interchangeably?).

Again, glad ya'll are ok.

Oh yeah, if I were you and she really wanted to ride again, I don't think I could tell 'er no. If it's something she really enjoys doing and wants to continue doing it, why not let her make that decision? Unless you crashed while showin' yer azz or ridin' irresponsibly with 'er on with ya then it ain't yer fault. It's a risk we all face when we get on. Not tellin' ya what to do, just giving you another viewpoint on things. ;)
Thanks for the good words guys, we were both wearing proper gear, jackets, jeans, gloves, boots, and helmets. I don't let her ride without them.

I think I want to go with the custom paint job, I never liked the copper/silver color anyways. I will probably buy the whole body kit and have it custom painted and then sell the rest of the parts on eBay. Hopefully won't cost anymore than getting the stock painted parts and I will have a custom ride. I was thining about a flat black with some red rims or silver and black with blue accents. I am going to post some pics of the bike later. Thanks again guys.
Just a bit of free advice... Think twice about flat black. It's a beeoootch to keep lookin' decent. Stains fairly easy, can't wax/polish it to keep it up, fades fairly quickly, scratches easily, etc...  
Damn Playya sorry to here about your mishap;but I'm glad to here that you and your lady are in one piece. F' the "bike" for now and concentrate on O'girl start rubbn her toe jammies :tounge: Winter is just around the corner and you will plenty of downtime to get her on the road.
Hey Thunder, sorry to hear about the accident, most especially a fellow Coloradoan. I hope the little lady recovers quickly.

As for the bike, I have a silver/gold myself that came with some rash. I plan on painting it this winter since I am not a big fan of the color. Actually, I am not really a big fan of the whole scheme, just me. Original panels can be found cheep on ebay. I would just check with a painter to see what couldn’t be fixed and only replace those. A buddy here in the Springs went solid dark gray and it looks sweet.

:beerchug: Heres to a quick recovery.
Sorry to hear about your accident but I'm glad you two are ok.  If you want a custom paint job now is the time to get it.
just get the new body kit, and custom paint it. Might get a lil expensive though(go gray). Hope ur girl feels better. ;)
Hi Thunderpants
Crashing sucks, dang Colorado gravel!  If you're going custom aftermarket, I have a supersport body that works on your street bike.  It even has a bracket in it that lets you use your stock windscreen and your headlight bolts to it. :)

No riders............took of f my rear pegs from day one. High mount exhaust and I sleep well.  I could'nt live with myself if that happened to me.

I agree with the Alien.......Full carbon fiber Will cost ya around $1200.  

New factory body work....tail, upper, lower.  $1000.

poop parts off ebay.......Time, money, aggravation, having to have the foundation redone because you used the wrong poop to begin with plus custom paint....And customs gonna cost you a G at the least.........
Did someone already suggest Carbon fiber???

Nice to hear about the gear and glad to know the both of you are O.K.
Here is a pic of the damage, not too bad on the upper cowl and fender, are those repairable? The lower fairing is trashed.

You can see all the dirt on the left side of the tire. New Sportec M1's great tires, not so good on dirt though.

This is why helmets are good ideas, could you imagine if we weren't wearing them? Mine is the white one, hers is the black, thank god for Shoei and Icon.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words from everyone.

I think I am going to get a cheap lower fairing on ebay with a few scratches on the side and then get it repainted when the snow comes.