This a Busa?



If it is, where would one buy this? Im guessing there would probably need to be some bodywork done along with it to fit the tailpipes? Is this even a Busa?
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It sure looks like one! Great job on that mod. mucho $ no doubt but absolutely custom. The brake light LED strip doesn't look legal but then who cares? The axle nut is on the opposite side from stock (doesn't matter either). Great ground clearance and your girlfriends butt will never get cold sitting on the exhaust. The front fairing look Busa as does the frame, wheel/tire and swingarm. Custom hugger too?
Nope, GSXR1000 or 750.  The exhaust is BOS undertail exhaust.  It's out of the UK I think.  THey send you the light and undertail mod with the exhaust.

And not to be an ass, but the front fairing doesn't even look close to being a Busa fairing.  Obviously a GSXR. Plus the BT010's come stock on the 1000.
LoL....this isnt MY bike....wish it was. I was just wondering if that was a Busa and/or if it could be done to one...
Busahigg is correct.................
Notice the kickstand (not Busa style).
Also notice the rear axle castlenut (wrong side of bike).
Front fairing righthand side (Not Busa).
you must not have a busa yet if you thought that was one...

definitely a GSXR 600, 750, or 1000... (there all the same... HA! )
Even though the picture is dark, you should also be able to the the overflow tank on the left side.

Stealth, the one and only.

check out the foot pegs, how much of the frame is showing on the right side, the absence of the black rubber pieces on the frame and tank, etc etc.

But you can order the dual pipe underseat mount from several dealers. Wolf Exhaust, Holeshot, and several others if the style appeals to you. .

Heck I like it but the thought of having the discolored pipes over time kinda discourages me.