Tank cover mounting


HELP! I just got a Tank Cover for my GSRX 1300. It says something about tabs to mount, but there are no tabs? The guy at the dealer says to bend the velcro and metal over the bottom Tank lip. Tried this, did not hold, simply slipped off the tank from the tension. How the heck are you supposed to mount this?? is not aftermarket, is genuine Hayabusa Cover with logo. Any help is appreciated.
i got a similar tank bra on my bike......but its the carbon fiber geniune suzuki.........i put the elastic rope all the way to the front of the tank on the outside by were the 2 bolts are that secure the tank then just bent the tabs under and tightened the tank....it takes a few tries
I have the black leather tank cover, official Suzuki blah,blah,blah.  It has a total of four felt covered metal tabs that you have to bend to secure it in place.  I got my cover when I purchased my bike (a little over a year ago) and the cover has apparently stretched and now the tabs do not secure it any more.  I got around this by making a L bend in the tabs so that they now are secured  behind the frame.  Looks great, lasts a long time!!