Suzuki Hayabusa Service Manual


Sorry to flood the forum with so many new posts but I'm trying to get a lot done in a short period of time. Suzuki is trying to sell me a manual for the '03 busa for $104. They say the Clymer and Haynes and all the others aren't complete enough since they're only $30. Are there any cheaper alternatives. Where else can I get a manual for an '03 busa for less than $100?? E-bay? Craigslist? Or maybe someone can just help me find a good online reference for doing a valve adujustment on a Hayabusa. Help me out if you can!!
Drew I don't think there are any major differences between the the model years so why not just download the service manual from the site??? It'll probably cover most things you are gonna tackle
I'm sorry... what site has this service manual? I haven't seen ANY manuals online anywhere.
Better yet..... Drop Narcis a line! He should be able to hook a member up with the factory one for $0...................
If Narc doesn't have it available I'll burn some cd's of it. the only thing i ask in return is that you buy a shirt from Captain