Sunday Grill - tri-tip beef


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On Sunday we typically grill or smoke something as a relaxing way to end the weekend. This weekend we did tri-tip roast (no bacon this time). The tri-trip was rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic then each side was seared before being moved to indirect heat for the smokey flavor and to finish cooking. Diana made bread from scratch which she braided it into a ring, stuffed baby portabellas and mashed potatoes with cheese whipped into it.

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No wonder i'm so fat...
You aren't fat! I wouldn't change anything about you.
Nice.. I'm currently cooking a brisket the same way.. but with a few other spices.. should be ready in another 30 min
Tri-tip has always been the butchers secret.......A great cut of meet for a low price. It is the top "long tri-angle" area off of the sirloin. It's as tender as filet but has better flavor and can usually be bought for about the same cost as a sirloin steak. GREAT CHOICE !!!!
I remember when this cut came about. In the 70`s.

Anyway, a local cookery used this method to cook tri tip. Stab the tri tip 10 times or more and put garlic cloves in each stab(opening). Season with your favorite seasonings. Place in a pre-heated oven (450*), for 45 min fat side down and no lid.