stock exhaust mod


Has anyone attempted to modify the stock can on the busa.
Cut off the welds holding the allan bolts and gutting out the baffeling.
Increase horse power or loss? Better sound?
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I've been doing alot of research on this topic from site to site and havent gotten any postive feedback.
got some cans that have had that exact thing done to em. might part with em for the right price. email or pm me if your interested. oh, punched out the middles so almost straight through on the cans.
So what setup did you decide to go with Lumpy >>>>>>>>>the Hindle or Bock setup ?
I gutted the can on a 2001 750, bad mistake, it killed the power and went from 36 mpg to 25-27 mpg. Oh well, it gave me a good excuse to buy an exhaust.

Just my .02
I'll go with Rhythum on this one. My experience tells me to leave the stock cans as is unless there is a problem. Save your time and $$$ and buy a set of slip-ons or the whole deal if you want a better sound.

I mod'd my old bike, there was a flat spot @ 3800 - 4500 RPM that punching a 1/4 inch hole in the front baffle/deflector, it removed the flat spot. The Busa does not seem to have any throttle problems that would suggest doing this to the stock cans.
Time to return to this... There is a "flat spot" in the throttle, at about 4800 RPMs, I wonder if the Busa has the same type of baffling that the ST had.... not a major gut, just to clean up the spot.

Anyone want to share on this?