Starting a HAYABUSA comic...titled :


Hey all. Ever since i bought this bike i realized how much i love the word Hayabusa, it's meaning, and the kind legacy the Hayabusa has made in the bike world.  

By profession i am an Art Director at a video game company.  I have been making video games for the last 7 years since i was 20.  

I am also a 3d modeler, 3d Animator, and Comic Illustrator.  

Here is a link to my personal work :
you will find my animations, 3d work, and 2d work. If u get debugging errors go to your "TOOLS" tab in interenet explorer...then go to "INTERNET OPTIONS" and CHECK the DISABLE SCRIPT DEBUGGING. Then my site should run fine.

I came up with a good start to a story that has been popping up in my mind every time i ride.  

Basically it takes place 1000's of years ago...Kind of in more of a time of warriors, fantasy, magic, mystical creatures, etc.  

There is a HUGE empire named SHIMORA that has been peaceful and very "Camelot" like for 100's of years.  Evil begins a reign of terror, a man rises to the call of good with powers granted to him unknowingly, and he becomes kind of what our modern day super hero stories are. The people name him "Hayabusa", because he can see further than any man, jump hundreds of feet before falling like a Hawk, Strength etc....

It will be a blend of martial art/magic/fantasy.  

I dont want to spill all the beans but once i get the 1st 3o pages done i will let everyone here know if anyone would be interested in ordering one from me.  

The character will be a symbolic representation of the bike...
Commanding, respected, AMAZINGLY STRONG AND FAST, etc...

Let me know your thoughts on i jsut on crack here thinking this would be cool for just us Busa owners to have???

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look forward to seeing it, Im sure it will look great if it comes out like some of the artwork on your site... keep us in the loop..
Hey, man. I'll send you $50 to tell game companies to STOP making First Person Shooters. Enough already. Ask them to start thinking of original ideas.

I love your story idea! Make everybody ride around on modern motorcycles and I'd buy it!