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Just thought that I would give you guys a heads up about these guys. I ordered my left fairing from these guys because they had the best price around. $134 unpainted and $153 shipped. I AM STILL WAITING ON MY FAIRING!!!! I've tried emailing these guys and now their mailbox is too full to accept any more messages. For any of you in Florida maybe you could hook me up with a phone number. If anyone has even ordered anything from these guys let me know just so I can at least have a little rest that they are legit. that I'm done ranting I'm going to go and put my bike back together since it has no plastics on it because I'M STILL WAITING and I was going to go and get a custom job done on it. Just beware my friends.

my boys Kyle Woods and Brock Catronio from are sponsored by these guys. I would go here-

and email brock and kyle, tell them that you decided to use one of their sponsors and are getting ripped. Maybe even post something in their message board. I know Kyle is totally cool and will do anything to help you out.

I'm in Tampa, FL, where are these guys located?

Thanks Mike...All they would need to do is drop me an email or something to let me know that they are shipping it.  I wouldn't be upset except I placed the order on the 11th and my card has been charged. All they say is that they are located in sunny florida.  Here's the bike decals

Thanks for the help...I'll email them tonight.

The site is hosted by;
Kalyush, Steve
2901 N ROCK ISLAND RD #303
MARGATE, FL 33063-8183
954-328-7926 fax: 954-227-4763
maybe you can call him for the answer to your questions......
Thanks KS. I at least now have numbers to reach him by. I only put out this post because one gets a little unsettled after you email the company once and then try again only to have your email returned to you because the mailbox is completely full. It just made me feel like I was being had. I'm just resting a little easier now that I know it's a legit company. Kyle at Triplextreme is being really helpful with the situation. Wish I was down if Florida so that I could catch a show. Again, thanks for the help.

If you put it on a credit card and not a DEBIT card. Contact your credit card company and tell them to reverse the charges. That way you'll still have your money, if not the fairing.