Can someone give me the % speedo error for a stock Busa. I need to plug in the number to get my correction factor for a 17/42 sprocket combo.


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It depends on the bike but most are between 7% - 8% off.

Funny you ask though...just yesterday, I reset my SoH with my GPS... Mine was 7.8% off @ 70mph. Correction factor was 7.4.
So you added the speedo healer with stock gearing?

I just put new sprockets on my FZ1 trying to wake the bike up. I needed a Speedo healer since my error was 15%. The guys at Yamaha who neutered this bike need to be beaten badly. The gearing change only made a marginal difference. The engine is dead below 5K revs. Gonna cost a lot of money to fix it.....

I got a new steel rear sprocket off ebay cheap for my Busa so I decided to get a speedo healer fot it too.


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With a 17/42 I bet you are off at least 10%. Without a GPS to check it it won't be right.


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as others have said test with a gps then use the calaulator on their web site is set it up.


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Mine is stock, I set the Speedohealer at -7.5%. It is pretty much right on up to about 80 or so....still off a bit in the upper range.. 161 indicated is actually 158 on gps.

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