Speed restriction


Is it true the speed restriction is going to be 165 in 2004?
Yep, that's from Suzuki, too. I'll try and find the article.

I knew they'd be doing it eventually, just before it was only rumor. All the bike manufacturers had originally agreed to start limiting the bikes back in 2000 starting in 2001 and would gradually be lowering the limits more and more each year. You can thank BMW for this, BTW. I know in Japan, everything is limited to 125. I wouldn't doubt that will be the case some time down the road. Just when you thought 186 sucked.
Gee wiz beav, the old 2002 Busa could be a very desirable classic. Better keep it in the garage and get a Harley to ride, cause they don’t need a speed restriction?

Nope, I’m riding the Busa.