SLEEPER gets some


RC Components

Show that frame will ya, buddie? Looks to good to not zoom in! Ya got me going with that grey/partially polished bit there!

ZOOOOOOoooom! :cool:
They look really good...Are they polished or chrome???Every time I make a little progress somebody makes a great upgrade...Sheese I'll always be behind...But not at the back...:;):
Surely he will with that rotor removed up front...Man I get roasted everytime someone see's my bike and Sleeper gets nothing...Hey Sleeper better put that rotor back on she may not stop when she's wet and all... :D
only one on mine too.... most guys I race with do that. but were not worried about quick slowdowns either. just quick get-going.. :D
They are chrome.
I had them done inhouse at RC Components.
The best looking chrome that I have ever seen, bar NONE! :thumbsup:
They told me 7lbs per wheel, PLUS the rotor and caliper, but that sounds like alot???
Like Cache,
I don't get into a situation that 1 rotor will not handle. Mostly straight line riding and in light traffic ,as much as possible.

I, like YOU, are gonna do what we want to the bikes, no matter how many people gripe about it, huh? :laugh: