Simple question looking for a simple answer


On my gen 2 I would like to adjust my headlight. I have read many conflicting threads about which way to turn the adjustment screw and which side it is on. I have the underneath plastic off and can see ( with a mirror) the adjustment screws. I am only looking to raise the lights as the low beam is too low. Here are the questions. 1. From the seat which screw adjusts the vertical.Left or right? 2. which way to turn it for elevation. clockwise or counter clockwise. I have read so much on this and there seems to be a lot of conflicting info. I'm sure there is people on this forum that has the straight information.
I can't remember off hand, but it also tells you in the owners manual. I am on my phone or in would check, but think there is a thread stuck in the Gen II section that has instructions as well.

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Been looking but all I find is about HID installations. I may just have wrench it and see what happens. I just didn't want to get on the horizontal side.