A really simple question for you guys


All I want to know is which tyre last the longest for normall driving and how much should I expect from the front and rear with them ? :newbie:
I don't think you will be able to get a straight answer for this Tin...I would have to say Avons ST series, but you will probably be giving up some grip...Well That is what I have read anyway...
I drive "normally" and am running 020's. I've got 12000 km on rear and 18000 km on front tire, they are ready to be changed but they sure as hell have lasted a long time !!!
A BT-010 rear last me about 2800 miles. No burn-outs but a lot of roll-ons and wheelies. I still have the stock front after 5500 miles but will replace with a BT-012 in about 1500 miles. I am at 3 rears for 1 front.
I've been getting 5000 miles on the rears with the bt56 and a bt10 on my third rear tire at 10800 miles.
Sounds like the 20s are the way to go if you are not a knee dragger! Thats some awesome mileage (for a busa).
Stock Bt56 (rear) second tire, generally gives me around 5000. Front finally gave out at about 7500 miles.... Just switched to Dunlop 208! Haven't had them long enough to compare..... I too have heard good things for touring (key word) using the Avon tires.
My stock front has 11,000 miles on it and looks good considering. The stock rear was done at 4500 miles. Replaced her with the Avon ST (AV46) and have put 6500 miles on it so far. The Avon still looks good and should hit 10,000. This tire does like to wander when exiting corners hard and braking hard but thats the trade off with any ST (Sport Tourer). And to Rocket1, 20's are Bridgestones BT20's