Can you put shorties on the 08 busa without a PC or remapping? If so What are the best shorties to get. I really like the look but i don't want to have to spend a ton of money and i also don't want it to be no or much louder then my 2 brothers.

My Hayabusa 142.jpg
I have a pair of shorty two brothers cans to fit right on your mid pipes if your exitsing cans are M2's. Measure across the can sideways and if its less than 4 inches they are M2's. Link to my classified post.

I'll sell these for 250 if you are interested. shipping is about $25-$30. I bought a new set and they are about as loud as you existing two bros. I have a PC3, but most slip ons dont require a remap. I haven't even put my PC3 on yet, if i even will. Two bro's only has maps for full exhausts and I don't want to incurr the expense of a dyno tune. I did do the Pair Valve marble mod and idont get any sputter or back fire.
Anyway, cheap way for you to try the shorties.
Let me know
Thanks Ace, I will look at it tonight and see. I really like the clean look they give the bike but i dont want to get into the PC and all of that. I just want to ride mine and enjoy it and not spending all my time working on it. Thanks again Doug