Shed of Doom


oRg Gal
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I thought I'd posted a link to this before, but I can't find it...wanted to bump it :laugh:

It's worth looking through for the progress of the build, even though the thread is very long...pure genius architecture and skillful building goes in to the "Shed of Doom"...

Site doesn't have the rules we have, so you've been warned - it may not be safe for work/kids...

Enjoy :rofl:

Build to Fail, Fail to Build. What is this I don't even.....
We have some rules :p

The photos of this build brought me to tears :rofl: I mean, who puts the time/effort in to something like this when it's all so bad?! :rofl:
The first pic of the frame sitting on the raw unprepped ground pretty much told the story of how that was going to turn out. :laugh:
I love the nails that go through to nothing, and the hammered in screws :rofl: It's a work of art...