Seriously, sidecars at Isle of Man?

I find it hard to believe that they would run sidecars at the Isle of Man TT race.

It's a spectacular race that only the bravest riders dare to enter!

I couldn't begin to imagine what the heart rate of the pillion passenger reaches when they are getting flicked inches from one wall to the next in certain sections.

I sure hope the death count doesn't suddenly spike upwards.

These guys and gals have taken on a new meaning for bravery.............

It would certainly be great for entertaining all the spectators the world around ............WOW....:bowdown:
If I'm not mistaken they've run side hacks there for years. Remember seeing that a few years ago on one of the HD channels. Friggin crazy shyt


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Thats what I liked when I was a kid . Watching those side car races!
Exactly! When I was 8 years old (that would be 57 years ago!) my dad took us to the road races in SoCal and we watched the "hacks" race, ain't nothing new here, really the best for spectating.......and, wait till you stand and stare at em in the paddock area,,,,,talk about "one off" engineering!
I REALLY want to get a look under the fairings and see how the drivetrain is setup on one of these...doesn't seem like its possible to be a conventional motorcycle style setup from how low the body is...



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Been watching side car racing on and off for years ever since I was 4 or 5. Truely a neat and crazy sport. I would love to pilot one!
I just want to take a vacation to the Isle of Man TT race and be a spectator for the whole event ......

and ...... maybe take a lap or 2 of the circuit on a busa or perhaps a gsxr1000 or ss1000r BMW that would be fun ........... :laugh:

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