That would be cool. I would love to revisit my Cherokee heritage. Too bad I live on the other side of the country.
I went last year, left Chattanooga and rode about half way. Lots of cruisers,only seen about 3 other busas. Lot of stop and go and slow cruising. It was a good experence.
It's a motorcycle ride in remembrance of the thousands of Native Americans who died in the forced march to clear the land for settlers. It traces the route that the Native Americans had to travel on foot with little or no food or water. The ride is mostly cruisers, namely Hardleys, but it is fun; everybody seems to get along. It ends up in Waterloo, where everybody camps out, drinks, grills, etc.
Like EZ said it is a ride along the route the indians took on their way to Oklahoma. It is billed as the largest ride in the world. Last year it was estimated at 150,000 motorcycles.

EZ- I will be at Macfarland which is the official ending point this year. The city of Florence doesn't like Waterloo getting all the money so they raised he!! to get it to stop there. I figure a good portion of the riders will end up in Waterloo anyway. My cell # is 256-577-6647. Give me a shout and we'll do a small meet and greet!