Secret Computers Record Car Speed


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To my surprise, I found this ZD Net article about on-board computers in our cars secretly monitoring car speed, braking, etc. and making it available to courts and insurance companies.


More personal freedoms down the drain!! Sounds like we need a hack for the friggin thing.  :mad:

What `ya think?
I'm not sure of the specific's but yoiur right...I think they record like the last five seconds of the vehicles actions...Kind of like a black box... :super:
Before anyone gets too excited about this here's a thought.

The insurance companies,police, and State Troopers have accident investigators.  The testimony of the investigators is admissable in court and is generally bullet proof.  So a black box recording the crash data really isn't all that spooky.  Example? I have two.

When my buddy Russ laid his Honda Hawk down on a straight section of HWY287 in Colorado he attempted to tell the Trooper that he had been going 55.  After about 30 seconds of looking at the road and the tire marks as well as the resting spot of the vehicle the Trooper cried BS and explained to Russ that he was going about 80 MPH.  He then explained to Russ is remarkable detail exactly what happened.  I knew he was dead on accurate cause I was following Russ closely at about 80-85MPH when he went down.  It was pretty amazing that a Trooper could show up and acting all Sherlock like could just lay down for Russ the Chain of events as if he had watched the whole thing on replay.  A similar thing happened to my Bro and an accident of his, there is no BS'ing your way out of it, they are pros and they know what they are doing.  

Point?  I know you all like me to have one sometimes...A Black box isn't going to tell your insurance company anything the police aren't allready going to know and yes your insurer will have a copy of the report...  

Now I will have a problem when they start making remote kill switches mandatory, and the Police have their fingers on the button...Can you imagine the hacker fun we could have then?   :)

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Rev's excellent point aside, if yer still paranoid heres 2
things to consider. "Expert" witnesses can be bought by both sides. Cops can be discredited..not easily but it has been done.

Second point is you can buy the reset tool from either your vehicles dealer or in most cases from an auto parts store.
Usually you can get to see your vehicle before the insurance
adjuster. Usually the police don't bother trying to collect the info either.

Hey Rev.........all respect dude.....BUT!

I don't like in anyway shape or form bid brother recording what I'm doing. True, the black box in the car records the last 5 seconds of speed, deceleration, steering angle, yaw, etc. it may not be NEEDED and I may not be breaking any laws, but I really hate the thought of a copper (no offence to the badge guys on the board...dont start with me Stun!!! :tounge: ) plugging in a laptop and downloading my top speed recorded on the bike.

As far as the remote kill switches go.....they already exist but the laws would frown on killing all electrics on a car/bike and causing a crash. Ask Lazerblade about that James Bond stuff. He has some insight/access on some pretty cool toys! Now there is a sorta copper that has a neat job! Just DON'T piss him off!!!! :D :D