scottoiler ?

bo suzuki

hi i've got a gsxr750 '99 Turbo, and would like to know if a wacum-controlled automatic chain luber will work on a turbobike? like with a scottoiler
because off the wacum-blowpressure?
it takes more time, either i have to put the bike on the rear end stand/lifter or roll the bike ½m. lube, roll -lube.... so on:(
but u are right, it cost the same as 8 Front brake pads or like ½ rear hugger.

You would need a one-way vacuum valve, like those used on turbo / supercharged cars in line to the brake booster. I don't know how much boost they can take.

If you don't use the valve, you may 'pop' the oiler pump. I've looked at the design of them, how the vacuum pulses pump the actual oil - pretty cool stuff. But they were not designed to be pressurized.

Once a week, centerstand it and lube it by hand. IMO, of course ;) .

'02 SVS... currently...
Old fashion way works best. That way you clean and then oil. Other wise you keep putting oil on the dirt. 2 little jack stands tip it on the stands after every ride.