Saw this AFTER riding today!! Now I need help


So left out this morning checked tires and did the usual walk around check. A little ways into the ride the front end felt and sounded a little different when I would brake. So I thought to myself I know my brakes are good, I do need tires, the wheel bearings have around 50k miles on them and I did notice the fork seal beginning to leak. So when I get back home I get the bike on stands and take the wheels off (new tires will be here Tuesday), when I get to the front I notice this!!!


Yeah 1 of the 2 bolts that holds the caliper on came out??? How does this happen? I would have noticed the bolt loose or missing when I checked the air pressure and I am always anal about using a torque wrench!! Either way I am glad all turned out well if the other bolt came out and the caliper got caught in the front wheel this thread would probably be completly different if I were even here to tell about it. Also, I learned as soon as something doesn't feel right even if it seems minor always stop and check it out, this day could have ended very badly. Now I have to find that bolt and
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do not show it. Anyone on the org have an extra caliper bolt where they removed one of the front rotors?

Another thing, are OEM fork seals the way to go, I just replaced them about 2 years ago? I don't do many wheelies but the front does get pretty light at the drag strip. I do my best not to slam it down, but these seals didn't seem to last near as long as the originals.

IMAG0112.jpg shows the bolt(s), at least for an '02.....AMA gives a discount too if you're a member.
wow, that could have gotten nasty! glad you are only looking for a replacement bolt!! :beerchug:
it happens....I beleive i got a set of bolts from lowes. Just match the bolt and if you want put a tiny bit of blue locktite and your set.
it happens....I beleive i got a set of bolts from lowes. Just match the bolt and if you want put a tiny bit of blue locktite and your set.

Lots of Loctite so it doesn't happen again. In my experience fork seals can last 20 years or 20 minutes. I personally dont know of anyone making "High Performance" seals so,go with OEM. The hard landing wheelies are gonna kill fork seals,doesn't matter if they are made of kevlar and titanium.

If you enjoy the drag strip from time to time,and/or like to stick the front wheel in the air...use less quantity of fork oil,you will lessen the chance of blowing seals. I personally dont believe changing the fork oil weight will help...but who knows,I flunked outa engineering skool.

Maybe strap the front down for the strip.:dunno:

When I looked at the thread title and glanced at the pic before reading....

I thought you were gonna ask for help with...reflector removal. :laugh: :poke:

get the size of bolt you want then go to your local fastener store and get them there, this will save you some cash, My new bike came with a riser block so i needed the 4 shorter bolts to put the bars back down, 4 M10x1.25 bolts at the dealer were $20.00.. $ bolts from the local fastener shop. 7.99 and that was with the nylock nuts. For 30 bucks I could have bought a box of 20 case hardened bolts.
To make sure it doesn't happen again you could safety wire the bolts when you get them. Why not talk to Justin at Honda East for prices on the bolts
wow that is scary. Your gaurdian angel was working ot that day
I had the retainer clip that holds the pin in that holds the pads in, disappear. Heard a weird sounds when brakes were applied. Brakes felt OK but it was just a sound. That coulda gone way bad if the pads had slipped out while zipping along.
Definitely locktite every bolt on a bike!!!

AS for the fork seals i went through em on my 06, it would carry the tire at the track on launch and with 70" of WB and my big ass on it i'd do em about 2-3 times a summer. Best combo i found was i think 10w oil and factory seals
I had not thought about the blue lock tight I didn't want to make it where it would never come out. I will try it now.

I am going to try the all balls racing fork seals. They read like they have good reviews. I know cheaper is almost never better, but I just bought a gen 2 bike and the wifey isn't too happy so this will have to do for now lol

And ha ha about the reflector, I kinda like them it makes it look more factory and in my opinion "newer". You don't see many bikes with 65,000 miles and you really don't see many that still have the edition haha.