salt flats


The Watcher
Now think about all you know about high speed racing and think about how racing on salt would be.  Mind boggling to think of the tire spinning @ 245mph on a Busa. Yet it was done.
I love when I see Speed King's signature on ....

"Worlds Fastest Streetbike...246.392 mph
I built it, tuned it, and rode it! !"


now THAT is the stuff!!!!!
yhea you need lots of HP and just the right gearning and still you spin like crazy.
notice the color! Blue & Silver Baby! Officially the fastest.
The trick is getting all that HP to the ground, that's why there is a two-mile and a five-mile course.
Earn your SCTA competition licenses:

E license:    Everyone starts here
D license:    125-149 mph
C license:    150-174 mph
B license:    175-199 mph
A license:    200-249 mph
AA license:  250-299 mph
Unlimited:    Over 300 mph

I feel the need, the need for speed...
Check out the current issue of Street and Strip magazine to see what racing a Busa on the salt is like. I got my A license in 2000 on a gasoline Busa. An experience of a lifetime. Don't think a bike can get an AA license? Check out Click on current projects and scroll down past the Mustang. Steve Knecum will ride this 600 HP Turbo Busa powered special this summer. See you on the Salt. Regards, Larry