S7R4NGER hiding?


oRg Gal
Staff member
Where's he been...no reports of rain in Portugal or post whoring in nearly a week?

Hello... I haven't logged in as often because time is getting more precious to me.
Studying again is consuming all my time and I can't find the time to do lots of stuff I was used to.
I haven't forgot about hayabusa.org and all the nice people who post here but I am trying to keep updated.
Just wanted to make sure you hadn't been washed away in floods or something! All it seems to do in your area is rain! :D

I forgot you were studying right now...architect in the making, right? :)
Right, Michelle... Lots of rain and lots of books...

Hey, Mikey ... Where is your free shirt?
I'm not rushing the Capt. He just moved and I don't think bugging him is the real deal (RFD). Thanks for asking. I'll try to get a pict if me & my honey garbed up soonest.

Welcome back from you sabatacal. (I'm sure I misspelled that one! :D )