Rubb needs a new tire a 330

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If fools value a couple of extra miles over their motorcycle intended handling design , so be it .... DARWIN AWARDS potential , right there !!!! HAHAHAHAH
I see your point, and agree with natural selection of these dumbasses, but I feel concern for others that could get caught up in the crash too!


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My buddy has a car tire on his VRod. Looks dumb but he gets great milage


The upside to short motorcycle tire life is that important things like wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, chains, sprockets, etc, get regularly checked when the tires are off being replaced. Putting on a car tire that could be on there for 50-60,000 miles could cause possible mechanical problems from neglect of maintenance.

Just my 0.02 from slumming at a bike shop for three years. ;)
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