Rubb can't be trusted!


Just wanted to catch everyone's Attention..:laugh: I'd like to personally Thank Rubb for all the Great things that I got from him. Not only was everything boxed perfectly but, he threw in some extra items that I simply Love. He certainly didn't have to do this. The HD Vest is Beautiful as is everything else that he sent. This Man has Class second to none and I hope that I have the Honor of meeting him in person some day. Again, Rubb, You my friend are a class act!!:thumbsup: Thanks Again My Friend....Rich...:clap:
I second the positive experience. Rubb not only threw in a free part I needed but when all was unpacked I found a couple of decals for my tool chest taped to the bottom of the box. Now a decal is no big deal, but the thoughtfulness he displayed was. I still don't trust him though; have you seen a pic of the guy?
Yep, can't be trusted. Nice mental image of Busa-riden B***tid, and then he does something nice. Way to ruin your image, Rubb.

Ps, well done Rubb :thumbsup:
LOL I also want to thank rub for his gifts:) Ya old Bastid I love the ring and cup!