Riding in groups.


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What is the largest group of bikes that you have ridden with?

I think I have ridden with at least 6 bikers on a ride. (Not a meet)


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If you guys have ever seen the ode to CE page airport video that I have here, that night there were about 50 bikes all riding together. In the summer in OKC we all meet up at a place called bricktown in downtown OKC, there may be up to 60 bikes going for a ride at a time... Its great fun !!! I am the old man who hangs in the back away from the guys doing the standups and skiing down the highway........
For me it would be about 150 bikes on a toy run for charaty. But normally I ride with a group every Thursday night on a dinner ride that we have 25-50 bikes every week. We pick somewhere to go eat at that is usally between 45min to 1hr away and we start at a local Easyriders dealer here in town. And we make the round trip there and back.


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We have had about 6 guys at once here... as I recall anyway.
The thing about riding with a rowdy group is when the lead guy does something foolish so do the rest. Couple weeks ago the lead crazy throws a long rolling burnout on his CBR then lifts to a decent wheelie then the next 3 guys do wheelies so I fugure if everyone else is .... me 2. Then a mile done the road I'm the lead guy at the appropriate moment up comes the front of my bike then of course everyone else see's the cop but me... before the cop could turn his big old SUV around ... I left the group in a hurry.



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Oh and Narcis that is 1 sweet pic you riders should have been in 1. Nice to see guys with the same taste in excelent rides!
We usually have 2 or3 nice bikes with the rest riding a bunch of poop.

I ride with 7-9 people on any given Sunday. I've been in a group of about 20 but it wasn't fun. Too many people trying to prove they are fast/cool ! :hammerhead:


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I am suppose to be ridding with 25 hayabusas on April 27th should be interesting. I prefer smaller groups but we will see.
Most I've ridden with has been over 5000 on the Stoke (England) Easter Egg run. They also do a Toy run and petfood run. But this is more of a procession 1st gear most of the time.
Also over 500 in a memorial run at normal road speeds.
On a normal ride-out i regularly ride with 10-20 bikes of different makes and types.
Most 'Busas I've ridden withis I think ten plus a couple of ZX12's.

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Hey guys was on a ride today with about 30 bikes. I must admit that it wasn't much fun. I think the crowd was too young and didn't respect what they rode. Most of the bikes had crashed at least once and one crashed twice before we left. No injuries thank goodness. Then on the freeway not a lot of order and kids doing stand up wheelies at 100+. I am not a hater but there is a time and a place for that and the freeway is not it in my opinion. I will stick to my smaller crowd of canyon carvers from here on out.

I've ridden with 30-50 on occassion. There's a local hangout where everyone meets. Typicaly I perfer groups of 10 or less where i know the riders and the rider's ability. To many riders have more bike than skill, and to often they wanna show just how little skill they have.... But hopefully they will live long enough to learn.....

Or could it be i'm just getting older .....lololol

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