recalls for 02 SE busa


Does anyone have any direct info that will tell me where i can find out if my 02 busa is up for recall
vin #js1gw71a4222106787
there are none for an '02
and if there were Suzuki would send you a letter unless you never registered the bike and address with them
thanks! but i do remember reading earlier this year that people were have problems with there starter or something to that nature and i thought it had something to do with a recall!! :super: :super:
Nope, Suzuki never actually did a recall. There was a service Bullitin but no recall. Ain't Suzuki Cool? In the meantime I will be buying the extended warranty for my 02. It may be money ill spent but I do not mind occasionally buying peace of mind...
Contact your local dealer they should have a copy and should be aware of the starter problem...