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Well while installing my new Galfer pads I got the brilliant idea to loosen the allen screws holding the halves of the caliper together.  First rear brake job on a Busa but I thought it would give me a little extra room to get my C clamp in there to push the pistons in.  Well to my surprise brake fluid started leaking - not much.  About the size of a quarter.  I immediately tightened the fuggers back up and proceeded to finish my brake job.  I got the new pads installed and everything mounted.  I pumped the lever - felt good.  I checked the fluid level cold then after a 10 mile ride.  Brakes work fine - no leaks - fluid level normal.  Anyone think I screwed anything up?  Should I leave it alone or is there something that should be done?  Did I break a seal?

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What Turbo Torch said. Seems like you bled the line well and tightened everything back up real good. Just remember that the next time you want to push the pistons in, just simply bleed some pressure off the caliper. Then just simply stick a flathead screwdriver in the the and the pistons should push in real easy. Just some friendly advice.

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