R1/R6 Throttle Tube & Throttle Meister Question


Hey all, a couple of quick questions. I've been reading all I can find here about the R1 and R6 throttle tube mod and haven't found anything on this. My 06 has the Throttle Meister on and curious if anything has to be done to make it still work, if so what? Also with the R1/R6 throttle tube being somewhat larger do any of you do anything to the left side grip to make it feel the same as the right? As always thanks. If I missed this anywhere in the threads just point me in that direction.
The actual tube is not larger than the Busa it is the part that is inside the switch housing. If I remember correctly you will have to change the throttlemeister up a little bit. I think it may need to be machined because the r1/r6 tube is shorter width than the Busa tube
i have a R1 throttle tube and a throttle meister. i had to mod a sleeve of plastic out of the stock tube because the r1 is shorter. this allowed the throttle meister to clamp onto the tube and lock it. if you do the swap. just take time to think it through!