Quickshift, Slew Control, Shift Light, ECU Editor, GEN2



Have BK running GEN2 firmware.

When I use just the quickshift functionality (70ms over 6000RPM) it works perfect.

I have a need to use shift light as well but you can only use that with the "Traction Control" functionality. What I found is that if my Slew rate is set to example 7000 rpm and I use my quickshift it cuts for 70ms then about 20ms later it cuts again for about 70ms. It only happens over the set rpm for slew rate. If i up the slew rate to 8000rpm (currently the max amount) the quickshift works normal from 6000 to 8000rpm but once over the set 8000 it "double cuts"

Any idea how to resolve this? I dont care about slew rate but want quickshift to work with the shift light?

Someone else had this issue and I think they zero'd the slew rate. But check with a pro and Greg is one.
What is happening is that your tire is spinning just enough to activate the slew...

Raise the RPM limit at which it is activated and make the timing removed zero.
Ok ill try. Slew activation is set to 8000rpm and even in fourth gear over 8000rpm it still double cuts (and theres no way that the tyre could be spiing in 4th at 8000rpm). Will try and make timing retard 0 or maybe active fuel cut only and see if that works.
Trust me, when you use a quickshifter or an air shifter, the tire spins. I have a video of mine and you can clearly hear the "chirp " of the tire in 4th gear
Got it figured out...Seems like when you quickshift your revs climb for a brief moment and the ECU thinks it should apply timing retard due to the slew control settings. If i change retard to 0 it works fine. Anyone have any suggestions for the slew settings to work only in first gear. 2000rpm per second is too low and 3000 too high. Guess it depends on weight ratio?

Also in the quickshift settings it has 6 values in ms per gear but there is only 5 gear shifts so which one doesnt do anything?