Possible ignition switch issues? Continuous clicking near fuel pump.


The bike stalled twice on a 8 hour ride a few days ago. Thought it was my fault but I think my ignition switch has or "is" dying. Turn key on, dash headlights nothing, Wiggle the switch harness and everything comes on. But Fuel pump Doesn't prime. The pump continuously clicks, Or atleast I think it's the pump.
The Fuel pump Relay went up in smoke. So I replaced it assuming that was the cause but it's still just clicking. No Starter No Prime No C codes hell the dash isn't even displaying properly, No miles/Clock/CCode.
No FI light. 12.8 volts All fuses good. Kickstand safety is bypassed, Clutch safety checked, Neutral light is on and works properly.

I'm broke and can't throw parts at it. But there's a ride coming up and I'm trying to get the big girl back together asap.
(...) Wiggle the switch harness and everything comes on. (...)

babe? ;)

i guess you already found your issue - a broken wire in the ignition lock´s harness

3 ways to solve the problem :

1. the easiest (and most expensive) way - join a suzuki dealer and buy a new one

2. the less easy (and less expensive) way - join ebay and get a used/preowned one

at way 1 or 2 - allways as a set - means incl. a new tank cap and tail lock (or you´ll have two keys to manage the bike)

3. the cheapest but longest lasting job - strip the harness´s hose and try to find out wich wire in deed is "broken". then solder it with electronic zinn and re-insulate it - ready.

but i would say without a well readable wiring scheme especially for your bike your chance to fail is around 70:30
watch! the y.o.c. of the gen1 - over the years suzuki changed the colors of some wires there
as far as i remember the issue with changed wire colors you won´t have with the gen2
It's something in the main harness, Bypassed the ignition switch and it was still doing it.
There's so many cut/patched wires in this harness that I'm just going to get a new harness Thanks for the help though!
I will add, it's an 03 with 37k miles and, The fuel pump, All of the coil, the Entire tail, Blinkers tail/brake lights are all cut. some of the fuel injector harness and the oil sensor are all cut/patched. So instead of chasing a short in an already destroyed harness I'll just replace it to not have to deal with this again.
I've put 9k miles on it with most of the harness damage but it's not worth the trouble lol