*PING* The ORACLE...Where the Heck???

the fuggin ORCA-KNUCKLE ,  that lazy NO POSTIN bastid.
   He's prolly out climbin'...... something,someone, or maybe just the walls .

    he prolly jus  :drink: heavily.


   Maybe his wife said  "Enough  BUSA.FUGGINORG"

Then she did this to him    and he's recovering in hospital

   Maybe he finally got caught...you know...  flashin people at the park .

  He might have joined up  

  Well...hopefully he's back soon...he's a good Barnicle , or oricle or what-ever-the-fug ya call him...
Yo Yo.

It is gud to feel the love. I was just doing what each of you bozos has done... Taking a sebatical!

Actually, work at Oracle for the Oracle has been pretty heavy duty. And, work around the house is massive. Enough excuses... I will try and stay logged in often enough for you guys to get your daily fix!

BTW - My wheelies have been coming along very nicely. I still don't get the second gear one. I have tried it at 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9K RPMs. It might blip up a hair for a second, but then it just takes off like a bat-outta-hell! And, the 9K one I am already over 100MPH! SHEESH! Can someone help a brotha out??
Hey, while I have you three goof-balls on the horn, when are we gonna hook-up?

Rev - we should do "the Tail." I am sure BSrigley would be in... And, prolly Mikey.

RSD & MSF - I suppose I will hook-up with you sorry asses the next time I am in Takoma visiting my brotha. We will be trying Rainier again next Spring or Summer. I won't have the bus, but I am sure I can borrow my brother's Concours.

Sounds good, When I have the time...I could use a week off...MikeyUSF hasn't been around for awhile, I think his new job has him screwed down pretty tight as well. I gotta give him a call...
Well Hell Just bring the Missus on down man. Burns sounds do-able...I still haven't made it...Everytime I am ready for some good food I end up at a Seafood place... We have been hitting the Salt Rock Grill quite a bit, and the Rusty Pelican.

Give enough notice and it'll be a good reason to get the Tampa area Troops all Formed up.