Ok, where the heck is


Call me Daddy...
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Where are you, girl? :super: Check-in already! Hope everything went smoove on yer trip to pick up the busa!!! Hope you're just too busy ridin' 'er to post. :super:
Probaby just to excited to think about gettin on here right now. I know I was when I first got mine, riding was about the only thing on my mind!
Naw.......she be fine.......she had a long ride home, and that's after all the screwing around with paying for it, insurance, ladidadida.
She's prolly jus enjoyin the long ride home. :thumbsup:
Oh yeah, and she'll be waitin for her husband all the time too.........doesn't he ride a slow bike......."insert anything but a Busa here". :beerchug:
Yeah, I think he has a Hardley.  

Well crap...that explains it.....they'll be back on Monday at the earliest........she'll be waiting at every turn for 15 mins while he tries to manuver that boat round the turns.....oh yeah, always allow at least three breakdown stops every day for a Hardley.......one cuz it stalled and ya can't get it runnin,
one cuz the primary belt broke, and one for the damn leak that's sprayin oil all over yer boot as ya ride.

Just kiddin Hardley owners.

:super: :thumbsup: :beerchug:
She's home with it! Just replied to my PM tellin' 'er to check in! She should be posting the required "big goofy grin" post shortly. :cool:
Okay okay guys!
I'm here...and in one piece...

And the proud new owner of a beautiful '03 silver and gray Hayabusa!

We headed down to NC last night, were at the dealer by 8:30 a.m. to fill out paperwork, etc...on the road toward home by 9:15 or so...but, I drove my Mustang, hubby took the Busa (yeah, I know...no guys would let someone else ride their brand new bike for the first time, but I wasn't ready for a learning curve on a major interstate on Labor Day weekend!)...and we had our 3 year old with us...it was a lengthy trip home...

But, it only took a few miles for Michael (hubby) to slow down and pull along side me to give me a big thumbs up...the bike was easy to operate, and he said I'd have no problems...

Fast forward to just over an hour from home...I'm anxious to ride; been following this bike for hours now and I was eager to try "him" out...we pull over, and I start getting my gear out, but OOPS! In the chaos of trying to get out the door the day before, we'd forgotten my boots! I was wearing sandals, so that wasn't a suitable shoe for the Busa...

We got home, several friends knew I was getting the new bike, so they stopped by to ooooh and ahhhh...I finally had a few minutes to take a quick spin, and rode to my Dad's. He loved it, as did all the Harley riders I hang with (I didn't seem to get the needling I'd been getting pre-Busa...seeing the bike in person changed their view perhaps? :D)

I love it! It's so much easier to handle than my Harley...and the handling is great...we're all going riding tomorrow for a few hours if the weather holds up (storming right now)...so, I'm here, I'm happy, and I'll be taking pics before the weekend's up so you'll know I'm not lying here - I finally got my Busa (that should be on a t-shirt or something!)

Thanks for worrying about me Chris...sorry I didn't let you guys know I was home sooner (kids do that to ya!)

:D :D :D
Thanks for worrying about me Chris...sorry I didn't let you guys know I was home sooner (kids do that to ya!)

:D :D :D
Yah, we send you to school and buy you books and you don't even let us know yer home ok... :laugh:

Seriously, I don't think anyone here'll give ya too hard of a time for not lighting out on it yerself on the interstate traffic. In fact, you'll prolly get thumbs up for doin' the smart thing. I'd hate to have had to make my first trip on the busa on an interstate. ;)
smart girl.....smart move...

I occasionally ride naked....it's real hard on the top of that shifter foot .

Smart move not to ride in sandals .

Yer gonna love it....

Have a good 1....RSD .
Right On Va, Enjoy the heck out of it...

Earlier tonight I rode my buddies 2002 Dyna Lowrider again. He has just about every screaming Eagle part made for it and it is a sweet looking ride. But I do find the Busa a hell of a lot easier to ride and enjoy. The low seating position is pretty cool and it's crazy loud, but man, no power, no handling, no brakes. It just really doesn't do it for me. I thought it was cool for awhile, but after putting a couple thousand miles on the Busa I find myself mystified once again why anyone would spend the money they do on Harley's...

Again enjoy the Busa.
Congrat VaBusa.  I was suprised that you let someone else take him home.  But not nearly as glad that you did not let the magical powers of the Busa draw you into his world without the proper gear.  

I have had mine for three weeks.  Had the Yoshi RS3 Race slipons put on Thurs.  I do love that sound.  

Glad you are home safely.

Congratulations again, VaBusa. I had to ride my Busa 60 miles home on the highway It took about 20 miles to get comfortable and not tense up driving around traffic. At the 40 mile mark I was splitting lanes!:laugh: