Ping: All lycan contacts


Emerging from slumber...
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Ok so I have been fighting this cell phone battle for WEEKS now sincemy beloved Treo died on me...somehow it hit the road at about 130MPH:whistle::laugh:

Sooooo, to make a long story short I have been through about 5 phones,finally got what I feel is best and now that I have frickin contacts didnt copy over to the SIM..:banghead:

Short and sweet...if you HAVE my number, I DONT have yours so Text me, call me, so I can resave your numbers to my new phone...

This is an opportunity also for those of you who never want me to call you again to kinda delete my contact too:poke::rofl::rofl:

But who would want to do that????:rofl:

Ok so start calling and texting tomorrow guys and gals cause im settin her up tonight!

meathead ... you finally find somethin that fit in your your paws :poke::rofl:
Geez, if i can remember i will text you..this :moon: will have to hold you over till i get service!:whistle: