PCV Help Please!!!


I have a 07' Busa i just purchased. Well taken care of. Everyting is original except for two Yoshimura slip on exaust. I've recently added a K&N air filter. With just those two upgrades the bike runs perfect. Every now and then when i come to a stop and gear down, it pops like the gas flow changes or something so i figured i would invest in a pcv. Tec support for power commander told me to use like the arrow slip on exhaust map with k&n air filter because they didnt have a map with yoshimura slip ons and k&n air filter online for me to download. Downloaded the map and the bike runs like crap now. it sputters real bad and the F1 light comes on. And if i just get on the throttle a little bit it doesnt accelerate. the sputtering just gets worse. I know i hooked it up correctly because there are only two plugs to hook up and they have differ ends so there is only 1 way for it to plug in. Does anyone has a map for two Yoshimura slip ons and a K&N air filter for a 07' Busa? If not, i would rather just remove the pcv because it ran fine without it
Its the pairing valves doing it.Get rid of them, block the holes in the head and it wont pop anymore on decel.Unplug the PC5 and get it dyno tuned so it will run right.
The marble mod will completely cure the popping, no pc needed.
As for the PCV it doesn't sound like its behaving right. A bad map will run crappy but the FI light shouldn't be coming on.
i would block off the pcv and try the bike with no map... see how it runs and see if its running rich ... check your plugs
Check to be sure the PC5 works with an 07. I thought the PC3 was for all before 08. Also, if you take everything off and put it back like it was, then block the PAIR hose at the air box with a marble, and it will run fine. Ebay the PCV unless you are planning more engine mods later on. The F1 light means you probably hooked something up wrong or the PCV doesn't work on an 07.

Not an expert but those are my thoughts.
Check to be sure the PC5 works with an 07. I thought the PC3 was for all before 08.

It's hearsay but I overheard someone saying that they only push the PC3 for 07 and below because they want to move old stock at a high price, and that the PCV works just fine.

Definitely get it tuned, when I bought my bike the previous owner had just loaded a map off the website. Took it in for a real tune, the difference is pretty incredible - and the tuner mentioned the downloaded map was way off.
Okay thanks everyone for your replies. I think I'm just going to take pcv off since I only have slip on and k&n air filter an just get here tuned.
If the FI light comes on, verify that you have the correct firmware version in the PCV. I had a PC3 straight from Dynojet, box labled correctly but had a firmware version intended for Harleys. It caused the FI light to come on at certain times.. They emailed the correct firmware and no more FI light.