PCII - WHich map do i really need?



Hope someone can help me with this one...

I have a european spec busa with full akrapovic pipe and no other amendments. There is a map on the PCII for this setup (M304-006) but this appears to be only for USA spec bike. My question is,can i use this map, or should i use the stage 1 european map (M304-501) instead?

What is the difference between the USA and European Busa anyway??
Thanks in advance.
Interesting question about the difference between the USA and European specs. I've no idea by the way, but would also be interested in finding out.

As to the question of which map to use, why not just try them both out and see which one drives better?

MIKE BELCHER, of Dyno Jet, Nevada, used my "stock" 49 state busa, stock air filter, for the PC-2 map with the Akropovic;

e-mail Mike, he might know if there is any difference, but I would imagine you'd be close... I believe,

if you ride in town or at low rpm's a lot, I ride between 3-6,000 most of the time, the PC-2, NOW WITH A K&N filter, seems a little rich at the slower speeds ... but this has not been verified on a dyno yet.

for example, if I clean it out (red line it in 1 or 2 gears two or three times per tank full of gas), it is fine!

good luck


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