I would appreciate recommendations for painters. Please, no word of mouth, only first-hand testimony as to quality, price and time/professionalism.

#1: Helmets - Best place to send your lid off for a quality job (prep work and materials/paint type make all the difference)

#2: Bodywork - turnaround time is almost as important as the quality of the prep work, number of coats and final finishing touches...

I, of course, am in Ohio, but can travel a bit if the price and quality is right. Besides, I'm sure others would benefit, hence the reason for the on!
Taylor's House of Color in Louisville,Ky......nationally known...has won many awards in Carl Casper's Auto Shows...baddest paint jobs you'll ever see. Very creative...can't go wrong if you make the trip.....
this might be a little far for ya but APEXMOTO in garden grove ca. they are the poop! they do race replicas and all different kinds of stuff at their shop.. i can send u a pic of the ysr50 i had them do for my 8year old. they also will give u different prices if u do most of the prep work.. if u need the number or what have ya email me at