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I bought a new Lexus 350 and returned to the dealer the next day
because I coul dn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that the
radio was voice activated.
"Nelson," the salesman said to the radio.
The Radio replied, "Ricky or Willie?"

"Willie!" he continued and "On The Road Again" came from the speakers.

Then he said, "Ray Charles!", and in an instant "Georgia On My Mind"

replaced Willie Nelson.
I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I'd say,
"Beethoven," I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said, "Beatles,"
I'd get one of their awesome songs.

Yesterday, a couple ran a red light and nearly creamed my new car, but I
swerved in time to avoid them. I yelled, "Ass Holes!"

Immediately the French National Anthem began to play, sung by Jane Fonda
and Barbara Streisand, backed up by Michael Moore and The Dixie Chicks,
with John Kerry on guitar, Al Gore on drums, Dan Rather on harmonica, Nancy
Pelosi on tambourine, Harry Reid on spoons, Bill Clinton on sax and Ted
Kennedy on scotch.

Damn, I LOVE this car!

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Take that piece of shid azz ride back and go get George Bush Hooked on Phonics mobile or the Condoleeza Rice Bad Hair-do mobile.

Each come wtih an added a bonus cd ......... Barbara Bush Sings Christmas Carols with Moses !!

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