One fast busa


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Over a blind hill at ~130mph? Deathwish.
Don't really need a hill, lucky no one decided to change lanes on him, had anyone checked their mirrors they would have seen nothing an changed lanes an gotten reamed in rear an most likely killed. Had I not seen any cars on the road I may have enjoyed that video some, godspeed rider an good luck I got a feeling you going to need it.:please:


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i think he's a squid if you're going to do something like that go where there is no traffic
i'm all for going fast ( hence why i have a busa ) but come on thats just asking to die
Yup, that is a future Darwin Award winner! The quicker these guys get killed the more bikes Suzuki can sell. Good for the company.:cheerleader: What a retard.


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Someone get me a vid-cam for the front end....I'll do the top end speeds for ya as an example of how it's "supposed" to be done.... :oldcool:...out in "nowhere, Nevada" where there's nothing, even cars..... :super:

You know, somewhere there's a dude that's "real" proud of that vid....:moon:

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