Old member and new owner of old bike


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Hey Guys,
I thought I'd post up my new to me 2006 limited busa. Back to a gen 1. Not really fair to call the bike old since it only has 3900 miles and is completely stock and runs fine. Lets see. . . items purchased before bike arrived: heli-bars, buell pegs, centerstand, mirror extenders, gel seat, front fork springs and gold valves, spring for rear shock, PR3s, SS brake lines, HH pads, tinted dbl bbl screen, 42 tooth rear sprocket. Hunting for: speedohealer. Undecided about exhaust.
A special mention to the prior owner FASTBUSA06 who stored the bike for me for 7 years until I could buy it (only kidding but 3890 miles?). Seriously, Bill was great to work with, since challenges had to be overcome on both sides before I drove two states away to bring it home. Just realized that my son took all new pictures on his camera, so here is one sent to me.

downsized_Image10162011130129 (2) (810x1080).jpg
She is pretty!
Thanks! I've always liked these. In '07 I was desperately trying to get my toys sold to get either the white limited or the blue/silver (another favorite). Couldn't sell the old one fast enough and ended up with a black 07. Only kept that one for 1.5 years and got a gen 2 blue/gold, which I loved. So this time I'm on disability and had to pay cash at an entry level for busas and totally lucked out with this jewel. My 2nd chance.
Thanks Guys & Gals. Just happy to be part of the club again. Though I never felt excluded when riding another brand, which is one of the reasons I'm back!