OK, AR peeps ok?


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Here we go again. Major storms moving through. 1 dead in Oklahoma. Everyone ok. Back at work with just over 31,000 in the dark.

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I'm headed to 41st in just a bit to an auction. As long as it isn't raining, I'm taking the bike.

I'm good here. Those were some strong storms that rolled through last night for sure.

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Ok here, Too dark this morning to see anything, But I did see a tree branch in the front yard and rumors a tree fell on a trailer inside the Marina.

Will see when I get home.
Weathered the storm. Didn't get hit nearly as hard as Edmond did where I am. Stillwater got roughed up too. Going up there this weekend. Taking the jeep for sure.
Just went to the Marina ( Holy Crap ) 1 Trailer with a deck cover approx 60ft long flipped over the trailer and is now in the front yard, 2 of the cabins also lost deck covers, 1 tree on a trailer, The store up the streets roof is rolled up like a sardine can, and my boat dock broke free and was on land. ( Boats ok )

Just a little tree damage at the house, Guess I got lucky.
Still working outages. What ever happened to the light easy drizzle rain?

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About 3 blocks from the house