I am curious about the pro's and con's of using NOS, I have always stuck to just doing engine mod's and have never done any reserch on NOS. If anyone has any advice I am interested in your info.
A dry kit is the way of the everyday streetbike these days.
It's cheap, can add up to 40 hp , and it's reletively safe.
Wet kits are for the more serious race bikes, produce bigger gains, but also produce bigger loses!
Dry is "plug-n-Play.
Thanks BadZXEleven for the info, where can I look for aDry NOS system, and what (if any) mods do I need to make before instalation?Right now all I have added to my 99 Busa is a Yosh RS-3 Duplex,Yosh cam sprockets, BMC air filter,a modified air box,and a pcII. I am also considering adding a TRE although I was told that the 99 Busa didn't need it because it's not restricted.
A&J Performance has a dry kit system that adds 150 HP. You might check them out. They also make a kit that has 60 HP.
I am spraying 40 hp on a 200 hp motor. I also use the Nos to power my air shifter. I love this stuff. I spoke with Joe at A&J racing. Their controller sounds like a good idea. It fattens up the injectors when you spray. It can spray up to 150hp with some fuel sys mods. Just a pump I think. I am going to try the smaller controller before the end of spring. 270 hp sounds like fun.
Thanks 200hp for the info, I think that I am going to try a 40 or 60hp shot, 150 extra hp is not the direction that I want to go in, but I think that I am going to give A&J a call to get some more info on the controller. I think I would rather have the system turn on and off without having to press a button.
I ordered the small nos kit and the small controller. It should be here next week. I will let you guys know how it works.
hi all.

i want ask something..!!!

someone has a srad750with nos... and i want lauch with him... at drag racing(illegal)...

what's the result?

who win? me or srad750?
this is a no-brainer dood

pros- it makes your bike faster

cons- you'll end up rebuilding your engine about every 2 months after blowing it up

like all performance parts, you always sacrifice reliability for speed.

Like working on your motorcycle instead of riding it? NOS is for you