nitrous and turbo?


Would it be possible or sane to hook up a turbo with nitrous? I thought that since the airbox is removed that you couldnt put the injectors on the turbo intake?this just sorta popped into my head when i was looking at turbos and nitrous systems

 Civic's run it all the time to eliminate the turbo lag from big turbo's (higher boost). Typically, they are operated by a control box that turns 'em on at 3000 RPM, then off at 6000 or so, once the turbo is spooled and producing boost. Some even have Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors that shut the nitrous down once boost is present in the intake manifold. On most civic's, I see a semi-wet system: 4 Fogger nozzles are installed on the intake manifold tracts just before the intake valves.  Both fuel and nitrous are injected (or 'fogged') through the nozzles, so there is little chance it will condense on the intake walls. It's a totally "stand-alone" system.

Quick Info:
 Wet System:  Fuel and Nitrous are injected through a single nozzle just after the throttle plate.  Only way to go if your bike is carb'ed.
 Dry System:  Nitrous only is injected through the nozzle after the throttle plate, the extra fuel is supplied by increasing the pressure to the fuel injectors, which may be stock or aftermarket.  Cannot be installed on a carburated bike / car.


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For a really dedicated racer, it's a little extra that might get you the quicker E.T. JohnnyCheese's suggestion would give you MORE reason to add Nitrous. A larger turbo, especially on a small engine, takes longer to spool up. Using Nitrous to get you off the line faster, then letting the turbo take over will make you faster & quicker.

Once running, larger turbos can create more boost at a lower intake temperature. That equals more HP!
well thanks alot even tho i dont even ahve abike yet i got like 5 more years because im payin in cash so no loan or lease bother
I saw one on Ebay a month or so ago I think it was(Velocity racing stage II and a 75 hot I think it was).

Although, I can;t even imagine what that would have been like!! I bought my 00 from my uncle, who purchased an '02. He did a Velocity Racing kit on that one(I think it was stage one, I only see him about twice a year, so I'm not sure). I rode his not to long after, and HOLY SHNIKEYS!!!!!!!!! I've never wanted to get off a bike so fast in my life! I'm usually a fairly reserved rider, so I had a little bit of fear there alredy, but good gracious!!
The Nos will get you going quick and then the Turbo kicks in. If you are not Drag racing you don't want to be near it. All 3 of my sons will stay off of my Busa with all the power that it makes. Plus the fact i am sure that they would not want to put a scratch on it.
does anyone have pictures of a wet and dry system? just to see examples? im kinda interested in this idea... because i want to build a strict drag bike when its all said and done