New to the ORG!! But not to the Busa


Hello All,

Just picked up my second Gen 1 yesterday evening. Previously had a brand new 07, and to keep a long story short, never finance a bike in a woman's name then break up and plan on keeping your pride and joy. That was my mistake.

Anyway, I picked up an 05 yesterday and to make me sound like a little bit-ch in my first thread, I teared up on my ride home with it. My 07 was my baby.

Now the guy I purchased the bike from, is not a bike guy. To his credit, he has a sick Superchanged Mustang, but had no clue what he had with this bike. He put less than 1000 miles on it from the time he purchased it from the previous owner who apparently was a drag racer.

Once I got home, I started to tear her down a bit more to see what was up. (Being a former MMI grad, I can't leave anything with 2 wheels and an engine alone). And what I found was interesting...

From first glance it was obvious,..
Orient Racing Clutch
Horrible aesthetic add ons
Swing arm extensions (which have to go)
Steel braided lines
Cycle Pro - Shift light & Control Unit
Bazzaz ZFI
Full Yoshi System
And an Airshifter

Now when I started digging around, I found a mess of crappy wiring from an old LED system that was all cut out, some random switches. Then, I saw a manual cam chain tensioner (which makes me wonder if anything internally was modded).

Then I ran across the solenoid for the air shifter... Or so I thought!!!
Further inspection, showed a pretty mean N2O set up from MPS with 2 fan spray nozzles in the air box, with a full throttle activation switch that was run inline with the Airshifter unit! WTF!! Lol

The bike had been down so I got one hell of a deal on it. My plan for the winter is a DIY turbo kit (stage 2 setup) after I pull the engine and give everything a once over and get the internals ready for a boost application

Anyway, hello everyone!!!
Welcome to the oRg. To post a picture, you can upload directly to the board. In the reply box, click advanced. Then manage attachments, then browse to your picture. Double click and then Upload. All there is to it. :welcome:
The first pic is of my bike in my dining room. I am putting the finishing touches on my Bobber project that is in my spare bedroom which is where the Busa will go once that's done. (I love my girlfriend for allowing all of this)!

The second Pic is what I found in my airbox!