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I’ve been out of the riding scene for years now. Is it the general consensus that the Road 5 tires are a good all around tire? Most of my riding is commuting to and from work. 80 miles round trip. My main concern is wet cornering traction as the route that I take to work has some pretty good roads but it’s usually at night or early morning when the roads are damp.


1. You're in the same state as I am so there lies a chance you can see mine firsthand.

2. I use PR5s on my Gen 2. I average 30k a year and that is rain or shine hot or cold. My commute is 55 miles one way. I'll never use any other tire.

3. I have a post somewhere on a full review of the PR5s on here. It lists mileage and even dimensions of the tires new and old.


...especially if your riding conditions and mileage mirrors GAmedic's.

I used to have a similar commute: 50 mi each way, rain or shine, nearly all of it freeway although down here rain is not as frequent. Ran PR5s. When my commute shrank to <5 mi/day and only a single 100 mi run a week, I switched to Q3+, knowing they were a stickier tire, and probably not as long lasting. Merely a personal choice, and Michelins, in my opinion, are always a good choice.

Wet traction: You'll find tons of experts on YT explaining wet traction motorcycle dynamics (like this one), but my wet riding is neither improved nor reduced by tire choice nearly as much as it is affected by riding style and tire pressure.

At the risk of hijacking this thread, I'll add that I vary my tire pressure based on the application: higher (around 40 psi) for freeway commutes, something closer to 33 for the fun stuff.


Pilot Road 5's wheelie in the rain ;) in this video Pilot road 's were on front / rear . The Rear had been to California , and back already . Current rear millage is 6,700 , and still chugging along.


Johnnie Phatt

re insurance. For what it is worth If anyone in the house hold is a college or university grad make sure you tell them that. It saved me 1600 bucks on my Busa insurance alone

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