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Hey everyone! Just stopping into to say hello. My forum home is at and I was unaware that this board existed in the 2 and half years I have been on the other boards.

I own a 2000 Blue/Silver Hayabusa. It is currently up at The Motorheads getting the engine rebuilt after some unlucky engine trouble. Its almost finished and i cant wait to get her back.

Well just wanted to say hello. The only one that I a familiar with is Narcissus. from

Take care guys!
Mad Mike
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If you had to get your bike worked on Motorhead is the man for that!!
I toasted the crank and bearings. Lost oil and engine was starved.

He rebuilt the motor. I did not get a Big Bore Kit. I am happy with the power I have now. He installed a new oil pan, radiator, HD Springs, and oil pump.

He also installed some Mototeck Blue Guage plates, Blue ZG Double Bubble, PCII, Chrome Hayabusa Resevoir caps. I also have the Second Look seat skins and tank bra, and the frame and swingarm are polished.

I am really into cornering and I have enough power with a little more than stock. I have air box mod and Yosh RS-3 Full Race Exhaust System. Last time itnhad dyno time it spit out 165rwhp. So I am very happy with those numbers.

I toasted the engine back in late October, so you could imagine the excitement I am going through as Dennis is finishing up the bike. It will be like getting the Busa brand new again, as I have to break her in. I will be like a little boy in a candy store.

The one thing that sucks is that I live in St.Louis and Dennis all the way up in Cleveland. 18 hours round trip
All of it very worth it though!

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Welcome Heatmizerrr,nice bike,
nice ridin,
,but just think if you had gone for red/black it would have been even nicer.

Thanks Knebnr!! Its neverending!

Looks like we re going to have to ride sometime FNG!
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Welcome to the site and nice job on all of the mods that you have done. I like the polished swing arm and frame that is awesome.
They call him "Heat Mizer" what ever he touch starts to melt in his clutch...dat dat da da... He's too much!


Marc "Howlin Mad"