New Color

Wonder if they'll all have the blackened frames? I need to get an '03 quick!
You need a new Busa fast, Michelle... If they are releasing a new colour, is this because there isn't a new model just yet?
I figured something was up with that. Saw the plastic on the seats but didn't know they covered the cans.

Explains that. :cool:
That color looks great. Now we just need to find out what is comin out here
That color scheme looks like Crap.......
Dudes I'd never mix blue and black together....
What they ran out of blue paint when they got to the frame?
I personally don't care for it at all, but I think a natural frame would look better than either black or blue frames with that color. Just my $.02 tho...
Agreed. Blasé.  :drink: They should have done full chrome with that particular paint, then that would have said something!
Oh say it isn't so.. How many times must we remind everyone about the fastest colors.... blue and black :super:
muahahahahahhaha!! that was really a dangerous comment dannyhirji ehhehehe... sometimes it's better no to "open our mouth" ;)
Really Dudes, that bike would look a whole lot better witha chrome frame or matching frame...that blue is just a little bit too dark to be thrown with a black frame....(Here I go opening my mouth again.... :0 )
i saw that bike a few days ago, someone here on base already bought it. It was coming at me on the other side of the road and i recognized it was a busa, then he turned in front of me (i was at a stop light) thought it was black at first until the sun hit it, was pretty nice deep blue like the article says, just a different color is all, just like the 2002 model only here in japan was all gray... those did not sell well.