new chain & sprokets


hey guyz,
             I'm due for new chain & sprokets.... i have 16 front & 40 rear with a stock chain.... i want to go 16 front & 42 rear but was wondering if the stock chain would fit .....Trying to keep my wheel base as short as possible........thanks..
16/42 holly snikes, talk about being up in the air.  Since you are ordering a replacment chain you should go a little longer.  Stock should work though.  Order your chain and sprockets at the same place and have them calculate the lengh needed.  Plenty of places to choose from for a whole set. Some are even on the site. AFAM is real good also.

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<span style='color:darkblue'>thanks to ninja eater for the infe on the afam sprockets .....i bought me "16t" X "43t" steel afam sprockets...& D.I.D. zvmg 530 x 120 links chain...all for $198..@  ........they should be here any time today or tomorrow.....this week it is going to be warm sunny in the 70's......i cant wait to get it all together and tear it up.... gotta watchout for those coppers.....ha.</span>

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