New Busa owner from Ireland!

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the correct area for intros but I'm sure I'll be redirected if not! I just picked up my first proper sportsbike 2 days ago, a mighty 2008 Busa. Always admired this bike and never imagined I'd be able to own one so soon, but an opportunity arose to get my hands on one and I grabbed it. As mentioned I live in Ireland and I'll be using the bike for absolutely everything from my daily commute, weekend blasts and hopefully some longer trips, my first impressions of this beast are fantastic, what a bike.

I already have loads of questions about mods and other things about the Busa and it's great to find a resource full of like minded enthusiasts who can hopefully help me out.

Pics will follow shortly!

Cheers lads and ladies.


Live from Mom's basement
Please, take the strips off the wheels. It just takes away from the beauty of that bike. Also, what is that 4-13 badge?

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