Hello from Ireland


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Hi all.
Just a short post introducing myself.
Recently picked up a gen1 Busa and ran it at Pendine sands in Wales at the sand speed records taking the record over a mile at 169mph and half a mile at 128mph.
I was planning on entering a different category on my Yamaha thunderace but the busa came up the week before so that was that! Plan is to go back next year and hopefully raise my own record after a few select mods... Already sending my ecu of to be flashed....
Anyway I'm sure they'll be plenty of daft questions from me so looking forward to being part of the community!
Beautiful country. My daughter Erin vacationed there a couple years ago. She loved it! She fit right in.:D My best friend bought a country place in Wales. He loves that area. I’ll ask him about Pendine Sands.
Ah it's stunning. I live on the west coast of Ireland which is beautiful but there's a history at Pendine, you can feel it there.
Malcolm Campbell ran bluebird there, there's the museum of speed where Babs is sitting still leaking oil... Haha. I cant wait to get back. Unfortunately won't make May's run, but am going to be there in September again.
Welcome welcome to the .Org, Ireland huh? Cool. Always wanted to plan a vacation for Ireland and Isle of Man TT. Hopefully soon. Have some real beer. Hope this forum serves you well.

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